Global Warming MIMS This is Why I’m Hot T Shirt

by on November 18, 2010

I reviewed another variation of this concept playing on the whole This is why I’m hot song by MIMS. In that review I quoted the best line and I’m going to do it here as well, because it is comedy gold.

“This is why I’m hot. I’m hot ‘cuz I’m fly. You ain’t ‘cuz you not.” — wait I ain’t fly or I ain’t hot or am I not fly or not hot. I get a little confused with this one. I can’t even believe I’m both not hot and not fly, but it might be true…sadly. I’ll now hang my head in shame.

But, that doesn’t mean you have to. You can simply buy the This is Why I’m Hot T Shirt and you’ll will officially be hot and fly and all kinds of good things that you want to be.

Let’s not forget that Busted Tees was also giving a shout out to global warming, which we all know is made up because Glenn Beck told us, but nobody said warning signs of global change and potential disaster can’t be funny, because they are totally knee slapping, floor rolling good times.

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