Giant Ice Island Breaks Off Greenland Glacier

by on August 7, 2010

This story is true and again shows the effects of global warming, but, really, whats a little ice cube in the great big ocean tumbler. The bigger story is how the Russians are involved, and for that you have to get away from the biased media and follow the coverage on the only news outlet that really has no agenda:

From the Weekly World News:

“A Greenland ice chunk four times the size of Manhattan has broken off and is headed… for Manhattan!

Government officials are scrambling.  Manhattan is under threat by from a gigantic ice chunk!  Residents are on high alert.  The chunk is moving fast and if it keeps on course, the city may have to be evacuated. Again, this chunk could destroy half of Manhattan if it slams directly into it.”

No way this story could merit a funny t shirts. It’s way too scary and way too serious. We can only hold our Bibles and pray.

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