Ghosts Boo Foam Fingers T-Shirt

by on August 17, 2010

It gets a little confusing to be a sports fan as a ghost, when all you can really say is the derogatory statement toward the team. Maybe they just made a great play 82-yard touchdown run, 456 foot dinger in the bottom of the ninth. A scissor kick goal in extra time (can you tell I don’t know shit about soccer), and you, the ghost, is so excited that you have to exclaim something yet all that comes out is Booooo! Probably get your ass kicked, accept that people can’t really kick ghosts asses, because they’re immaterial beings. But, still, you want to explain that you’re a big fan and you enjoyed the play, but your vocab is limited.

Tough gig. Ghosting is probably tough in a lot of instances, especially when you probably should be going to the light and instead are caught in a sort of horrible in between world. Whatever…let’s have a laugh at the idiots that die, and their souls can’t get to heaven by wearing the Ghosts Boo Foam Fingers and Drinks T Shirt.

Busted Tees knows the paranormal like nobody’s business, and sometimes their expertise slips out in shirts like this. You have to watch ’em closely though. They keep that expertise close to the chest.

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