Ghostbusters Ghost Buttsters T Shirt Red Bubble

by on January 7, 2012

This is a ballsy move by gabielng to tweak the logo of a cinematic institution like Ghostbusters. Especially, going to the backside and show the bare end of the iconic ghost. Oh and this Ghost Buttsters t shirt is frickin’ funny too. This is like a behind the scenes look at that the moment this powerful logo came together.

The ghost obviously didn’t like the overall sentiment of the movie. Would you if you were a ghost? Because, basically, the whole movie is about exterminating his kind. I too would probably pull a stunt like this. Unfortunately, the photographer got the frontal picture shot, before the ghost could do the ghost moon of defiance and protest.

The rest is history. The movie grossed $998 trillion at the box office, and has pulled in half that much again in merchandising and licensing deals. The joke has been on the ghost at least until now, when this image starts to circulate far and wide.

Get this sweet tee at Red Bubble right now before it slips your mind, you move on with your life, and you never realize how every breath you take in the future could have been at least 19% sweeter.

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