Get On It Science Hover Board T Shirt

by on February 18, 2013


Get this Shirt From Snorg Tees

Okay, yes, we have a space shuttle. But, I’m not so sure we have jet packs, despite what you saw in the 3rd Season of Arrested Development. I mean I have really rich spoiled friends and I’ve never seen them flying around. Wait, maybe that’s the part of their lives I’m getting shunned away from. Oh shit, I think my impoverished heart has just sort of broken, because of a damn t-shirt that’s calling out one of the best movies of all time: Back to the Future II and the snazzy pink hoverboard (is that one word or two?).

I think instead of a jet pack, they should have put a drone missile, ‘cuz everybody knows the world is blessed with those bad boys.

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