George Washington Original Chronic T Shirt

by on April 20, 2011

Happy 420 bro and brosettas. You know what I’m talking about, and so does Headline Shirts with this fine offering, featuring George Washington, who, as 22% of the High Times articles have reported, partook in a little of the weed, ganja, smokey smoke. Why not have an Original Chronic T Shirt with one of our founding fathers proudly on display.

It’s a high quality agricultural crop with many, many uses and should be celebrated instead of outlawed. There should be chronic dances for everyone that turns 16, not jail time for intent to sell.

Of course, I also agree with Kevin Smith, the Director, who never did drugs, until just recently picking up a serious wake and bake habit, when he says don’t start smoking pot until you have done something with your life or accomplished one of your goals. Otherwise, you’ll never make it because grass tends to inhibit ambition and drive, and make you settle. If you already have the wheels turning and The Thing in place, then you can use reefer to take the edge off. Good advice.

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