Geology Rocks T shirt

by on September 1, 2009

geology-rocks-tshirtA little tip for you high schoolers getting’ prepped for the institute of higher learning. Figure out what you like to study, then go study it. Nothing is cooler than waking up fired up ready to go read a book or study some rocks or how to properly blow a coaches whistle.

If, for example, you like panning for gold and picking diamonds of the trees, then you should probably very definitely consider taking out your wallet from the back pocket of your cords, rifle through your grocery store member cards, public library cards, gift cards to Trader Joe’s and Target that collectively  have a total of .92 of credit left on them and get that Visa debit issued by your favorite robber baron bank. Then, go get geology rocks tshirt and make your life 63% better instantly and forever.

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