Gay Marriage Legalize It T Shirt

by on November 3, 2010

Who gives a shit? Am I right? Anybody should be allowed to marry anybody. Who cares? Let gays be as miserable as the rest of the heterosexual population. It degrades the institution of marriage. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Bullshit. Let’s see where are we at with that sacred institution? Anybody see The Hangover, where the dentist dude married a hooker at a 24/7 marriage chapel. Yeah. Sacred. Anybody see Carmen Electra’s marriage record. Dennis Rodman for like 15 minutes. Godly. You have a better chance of divorce than staying together when you get married. Soon, it will be like newsworthy remarkable when anyone gets to a full decade of marriage. Sacred institute. People marrying for green cards. Hotties marrying guys with one foot in the grave for that sweet inheritance. Sacred.

It blows my mind that in a purportedly church separated from state government that this is even a discussion. The religious right, yes, I can see that they have an issue. They’re following that arcane piece of fiction as the actual word of God….ha, ha, ha. They translate that Sodom and Gomorrah as no butt sex or scissoring. I’m not even sure that’s accurate translation of the actual text, but that’s where they’re coming from.

Anyway, enjoy the LIFE gameboard piece representing two men in a marriage relationship on this Gay Marriage Legalize It T Shirt.

I congratulate Busted Tees on a great graphical concept of this ridiculously hot political issue.

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