Gandhi Says Relax T Shirt

by on October 13, 2011

I have no idea what to write about this Gandhi Says Relax T Shirt. Here’s why. I’ve seen it before. In fact, Headline Shirtshad this shirt before, except that Gandhi’s head was in the “A”, and it was red lettering on a white tee. My how things have changed. What’s next, Cold War Vet on green. Jeezus. I need a minute to take all of this in and process it.

It is some funny stuff, because it’s exactly opposite of what Gandhi would say, because he’s always quoted as saying “Get off your ass and get to work, and then maybe some shit will change.”

I’m also looking for the Frankie Goes to Hollywood shirt that says Frankie Says Nonviolent Resistence, Bitches.

I think Gandhi was in this music video in 1984:

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