Gandhi Cheeseburger T Shirt

by on October 20, 2010

gandhi cheeseburger t shirt Gandhi Cheeseburger T Shirtbuy now button yellow Gandhi Cheeseburger T ShirtThis is a man emulated by many strong, great people (I.e. Martin Luther King). This is a man, who led a peaceful revolt against the oppression of Great Britain. This a man with a great big huge set of brass cajones despite his small stature, which is why it’s not hard to think that maybe as he was doing his daily meditation, sometimes his mind wandered.

Perhaps even thinking about a delicious cheeseburger for sustenance to get through the many years of grueling nonviolent resistance. Sometimes a big greasy burger is just what you need to fuel you up. Of course, Gandhi probably had it real bad when he was on his long fast. I’m totally guessing that he went on a long hunger strike thing to call attention to the plight of Indians.

Anyway, yeah for Gandhi. He took action. Celebrate his humaness with this Gandhi Cheeseburger T Shirt.

Sunshine Megatron, T Shirt Hell head honcho, once owned a broken sandal that was purportedly owned by Gandhi. He paid an obscene sum for the memorabilia, and, unfortunately lost it, during a particular nasty drunk spell that included throwing every article of clothing and footwear in his house on the front lawn.

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