Zombie T shirts: Get the Undead on Your Chest

by on December 16, 2010

Eternal Exercise T Shirt

Of course Glennz drops the best Zombie shirt of them all. That’s one durable treadmill, ‘cuz that zombie ain’t ever stopping.

Zombie Food Pyramid  T Shirt


This is definitely a world-class zombie shirt. The zombie FDA put this out just to make sure the zombie population knows what food is best for them, because it can be complicated.

Smurf Zombie Blue Horde T Shirt


This goes to show that even the most kindly creatures are not immune to the zombie virus.

Zombie at Tiffany’s T Shirt

What do you think Audrey Hepburn would think of this shirt and girls with sleeve tattoos? She’d probably love it.

Wizard of Oz: Scarecrow Zombie Brains T Shirt

Very lovely application of the zombie theme here. Scarecrow wanted brains…not too much of a leap, except that the scarecrow had some incredible dance moves, not stiff at all.

Zombert and Zernie T Shirt

Look at that rubber duckie. He finally figured out something is wrong. This isn’t just going to be the normal evening bath with Ernie.

Warning: If Zombies Chase Us I’m Tripping You T Shirt


Hey, let’s be honest here. Zombies might make a sneak attack, but if you can buy just a little time you can get away from them. That smidgen of time happens to be your buddy’s brains. Make it mutual, like a pre-bud agreement.

Bon Apetit Brains on a Platter Zombie T Shirt

This shirt is just fabulously spooky. Elegantly gross. Awfully wonderful. It’s hard to explain my revulsion attraction.

Ask Me About My Zombie Shirt

Very novel type of shirt here. Make sure you have an undershirt or you might cause a zombie scene, especially if you’re a girl.

Zombies Hate Fast Food T Shirt

Just a flat out funny zombie wordplay shirt. Love the track star’s flat out running style.

Attack of Literacy Zombie T Shirt

I love this concept. Famous authors zombified and after you. It doesn’t matter if you read their books or not, as the undead they don’t differentiate.

Zombies Ruined This Shirt T shirt


Lot of bloody shirts related to zombies, and this is one of the better ones.

Scooby Doo Zombies T Shirt


Velma Dinkley looking hot and the Mystery Machine, now the Misery Machine. Scooby Pincher getting the best of some nasty zombies.

I Love Zombies T Shirt


Never understood why this wasn’t brains instead of heart, but I guess a zombie attack is a bloody mess and probably ends up exposing vital organs.

In Case of Zombies Break Glass T Shirt


Hey, every municipal building, federal building, hospital and public school should have one of these next to the fire extinguisher.

Zombie Day at the Mall T Shirt

I love that this is in Christmas colors to capture that Xmas shopping vibe. And, I love that the schematic is now tracking movement of live bodies in the building. Nice shirt.

Zombies on Top of the Food Chain T Shirt


Zombie stands alone on the top of the food chain, just above man and woman humans. That’s funny. Pretty colors too.

Michael Jackson Hollywood Star Zombie T Shirt


Jacko will never die. All kinds of he’s dead and Thriller and the King of Pop represented in this shirt.

In Case Of Zombie Attack Please Follow Me T Shirt


I don’t really get the shirt, but it’s so action-packed and has so many nice helpful directional arrows that I had to include it.

During a Zombie Attack Please Follow Me


Nice of someone to take on the responsibility of keeping their head and leading people to safety during a crazy time like a zombie attack.

Re: Your Brains T Shirt


Read this memo from Undead Industries if you dare. You’re official relieved of your brains and, subsequently, your duties.

The Horde Zombie T shirt


Dude on the car’s got some issues, but give him props for not giving up.

Zombies in Wonderland T Shirt


Nice little zombie take on the Alice and Wonderland story. Alice is mad and taking care of business.

Ninja, Pirate Riding a Zombie Unicorn T Shirt


This shirt has all the hot memes. Pretty damn impressive: Ninja pirate zombie unicorn. That’s a powerful combination. Be careful if you wear this one.

Eating Brains Throwing Shapes T Shirt


This zombie looks like he could be fantastic on the cheer squad, except he’d probably have to do all the letters himself because all the other cheerleaders are out of there.

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Holly James February 26, 2013 at 12:17 pm

These are all awesome designs! I’ve been looking for zombie tshirts and I think I’ve come to the right place. I especially love the smurfs one. Thanks for sharing! http://www.tshirtlaundry.com/Zombie-Tshirts_c_54.html


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