Funny T Shirts for Men

by on September 16, 2010

hairy back Funny T Shirts for MenThis is almost redundant. What other types of t-shirts are there for males. The funny t shirts market is 87.2% men and 11.6% women, and 1.2% other. Anyway, I got some insider intelligence that if I did a post with “funny t shirts for men” as the title, many magic beans, and assorted horse tack would be gifted to me in an extraordinary way.

I have been putting it off for 3.7 hours now, but the time has come. I need the promised items badly, plus writing about funny t shirts for men is like sleeping with sweet lucid dreams that involve Paz Vega and mangoes (not the stringy kind).

What to say about this topic other than there are at least half a dozen different types of men, so we need a little breakdown. Are you…

~ Rough and tumble and partial to hellishly offensive tees.

~ Geek gamer, who rarely changes out of nerdy shirts because the pull of the monitor/screen is too powerful.

~ Teddy bear at heart that likes animals with rounded edges, wordplay, kindly hip hop, and a touch of science on your clothing.

~ Partial to watching laugh out loud comedies while sitting on the couch drinking fizzy soda, and wearing  the movie one liners proudly.

San Francisco fixed gear rider with obscure references plastered on your gear.

Sometimes smart, sometimes stupid, always sincere, except when wearing sarcastic t-shirts to college classes?

Absurd with a touch of schwitty (shirt wit)?

These are the only types of funny t shirts for men in the world. If none of them match your style, you’re totally out of luck. Maybe you can find some A-Team iron ons.

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