Funny T Shirts for Men Now Available

by on September 16, 2010

Can you believe it? Up until now, it was all kids, girls, and poodles, but now, finally, we have funny t shirts for men. I created a special page to celebrate this amazing time in human history. Celebrate with me, as menfolk are afforded similar rights to the other creatures on the planet that walk upright or destroy your mini blinds.

Let me tell you another secret that surprisingly has been quite under-reported. They are now using attractive females to model these humorous t-shirts. Yes, these are the special funny tshirt lines for men, but the women are modeling them. I can’t be certain, this is just a hypothesis, but I think these funny shirt companies are doing this to catch the eye of the men. Again, I’m wildly freestyle guessing about that, but everything else in this post has been factual. Check the bibliography.

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