Funny St. Patrick’s Day T-shirts

by on August 6, 2010

Unless, you’re traveling to Cork, Ireland to perform the sacred ritual of kissing the Blarney Stone you’ll need a funny t-shirt specifically for St. Patrick’s Day.

The following are the finest shirts available for this specific occasion. You’ll need to make your choice soon in order to insure your selection is shipped to you in time for the night out on the town with brats, kraut, Guinness and seasick floozies.

Make sure you make the right choice. These all take on a slightly different flavor from an innocent nod to drunkenness, to collective celebration of a funny TV show, to picking fights with dumb Micks. Without further ado, the top funny St. Patrick’s Day tees. You need to party fresh.

Kiss Me I’m Pretending to Be Irish T Shirt

kiss-me-im-pretending-to-be-irish-t-shirtBe straight with people. Tell them the honest truth. It may turn off some people, but you didn’t want to have sloppy stranger make out sessions with them anyway.

Dublin Vision T Shirt


Buy Me a Car Bomb T Shirt


Irish You Were Beer T Shirt


This is My St. Patrick’s Day Shirt


P-Day T Shirt


Shamrock Fade T Shirt


Dead Rabbits T Shirt


MacLaren’s Pub Legendary Irish Stout T Shirt


Guinness Stout Beer T Shirt


Kiss Me I’m Hylian T Shirt


Happy Labor Day T Shirt


Mess with the minds of drunk people on St. Patrick’s Day. There is nothing more fun. It’s called misdirection.

Irish I Were Drunk T Shirt


Kind of the general philosophy behind the big green celebration. Nice simple tip of the hat to the festivity.

I’m Not Irish But I’m Hoping to Get Lucky T Shirt


Good way to bring the Irish bit into it even if you’re not Irish, and then state to everybody around you what you’re looking for. Doesn’t hurt to ask. Right?

Irish I Were Drunk T Shirt


This is another nice version of this one silly little cultural stereotype. Irish people drink…a lot. Ha ha. All the Irish people I’ve met have put down the alcohol, or they’re in a 12 step. So there’s that.

Irish T Shirt


I like the simplicity of this one. Yet, it still has panache with the lightning bolt.

Official Irish Drinking  Team


This shirt does look very official. You may get free beers just for being a world-class drinker in the minds of those around you.

Irish Today, Hungover Tomorrow T Shirt


Nothing like getting the words Irish, hungover on a green shirt that also features a leprechaun and a beer. That’s a classic St. Patty’s Day Tee.

Paddy’s Irish Pub T Shirt


It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has some Irish stuff going on, including this super St. Patrick’s Day T Shirt that will make you look like you were born to celebrate March 17.

Fuck You You’re Irish Tee Shirt


This is where you start to show your curmudgeonly side. Maybe you don’t like all the retards that fill up your favorite neighborhood pub on St. Pat’s Day. Maybe an Irishman poked your girlfriend while you were away on holiday. Maybe you’re just a terrible person that finds potato famines funny, Bloody Sunday the best weekend on record, and the demise of the Notre Dame football program the finest football phenomenon of the past decade. Whatever. This shirt is starting to bring it, and you very well could be engaging in fisticuffs with a big dumb drunk.

Paddy’s Irish Pub – South Philadelphia, PA


Get a little It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia on your body, especially for the best holiday of them all. St. Patty’s Day! You like the show, other people that are out and about on the 17th like the show. Combine the love and create a nodding, happy, high five sensation. And keep drinking like it’s the last Wednesday of your life.

St. Patrick’s Day Cheer Snoopy T Shirt


Irish Tux T Shirt


Grateful Dead Boston Concert Tee


Irish You’d Buy Me a Beer Tee


Nice play on words. If you play it right, you might just get a couple, five drinks just from the shirt. Or at least five more than you would usually get free just for being your stunning self. This is a solid play. Wear this one. FREE BEER.

Kiss My Ass It’s Irish T Shirt


Depending on the comeliness of the ass, you may get some takers on this one. Or, if it’s felt as more of a threat, especially later in the night you may be someone misread “kiss” for “kick.” Oops.

Blow Me I’m Irish Tshirt


Now, we start to get a little blue on this day of green. I imagine these shirts going on in stages. You wear the funny cute shirts to start out the evening with, then as the drinks keep flowing, you start pulling the more risque stuff out of your back pocket and putting them on. Bonus points if you do it right there in the bar. I like layering them on top of each other.

Do You Have Irish in You? Would You Like Some? Tee


If you’re not feeling like getting in a fight, this is probably the last shirt you put on in the sequence. This is where you make your move. The shirt is a great prop. A cute leprechaun, offering up a four leaf clover and politely asking for a little somethin’ somethin’.

St. Paddy’s Day Shirt Gallery

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