Funny Harry Potter T Shirts Are Magic

by on June 28, 2011

I basically stole the title to this post from Sarah Silverman, but she doesn’t mind because she’s too busy tweeting about bodily functions.

What I have to say about Funny Harry Potter T Shirts is sometimes in the war between good and evil you have to lighten up a little. Am I right? I mean I totally dig the magic, the myth, the struggle and fight, the friendship, the hatred, the confusion, the history, but sometimes you have to have a laugh.

J.K. Rowlings knows this, which is why she developed the Weasley twin characters. Comic relief. I also understand the need for the jest, which is why I have collected the best funny Harry Potter tees existing on this wild and woolly planet.

I’m a Keeper T Shirt

You’re someone to hold on to, and you play one of the toughest positions in Quiddich. Double whammy!

Horcrux Collector’s Club T Shirt

Does the club promise eternal life for everybody if they collectively gather all of them?

Harry Potter Symbol Deathly Hallows T Shirt

This is a lovely, simple HP shirt that gets to the very essence of the final storyline. The invisibility cloak, resurrection stone and elder wand came in pretty handy, but the crew had to believe the mythology. Do you believe?

Harry Potter National Quidditch Association NQA T Shirt

MLB uses it. NBA uses it. No reason why Quidditch shouldn’t use the blue and white logo convention for their sporting association.

Hogwarts Mail T Shirt

Love this little spoof of the USPS postal service logo. Replace the eagle with the owl and you’re done.

Harry & Hermione & Ron & Ginny T Shirt

Simple. Uses that cool & list style. Will stand the test of time. People will nod and smile whenever you wear this shirt. And when you look in the mirror you’ll smile too.

Dumbledore’s Army T Shirt

Celebrate the underdog and the good guys. I’m pretty sure they win, but I don’t want to spoil anything.

My Patronus is a Wookiee T Shirt

my patronus is a wokiee t shirt

Love this one. I mean how can you not like a Star Wars-Harry Potter mashup. And that patronus glow is terrific. Not sure about the Wookiee spelling, but it’s a minor quibble.

But Voldemort Killed My Parents T Shirt

Get over it and get to work. No really I’m sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Don’t you love writing condolensce cards for co-workers you don’t really know? Do you really know Harry Potter?

Dark Lords Happy Hour T Shirt

This has a little Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter in it, but I thought it was so funny I had to add it to this page. Plus, Voldemort really stands out with that white head.

Hogwarts Alumni T Shirt

This is just a solid shirt. Straight to the point. Everybody understands it. Cute. And funny as you place yourself into a fictional situation.

Harry Potter Twilight T Shirt

Mashy mash mashup. If you dig both the wizards and vampires then this shirt just made you cream in your pants.

Harry is My Homeboy T Shirt

I like this one. Says your down with Harry and you’re cool about it.

Real Men Don’t Sparkle Real Men Defeat Dark Wizards T Shirt

Okay, if you’re more black and white…like either it’s wizards or vampires. Choose. And you choose those with wands, then this tee is for you more than anybody.


Hilarious. Sorry if it’s a spoiler. You shouldn’t have looked.

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