Funny Group Halloween Costumes

by on October 12, 2010

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Ever since that incident when I was 12 years old involving the tootsie roll, the hat of my pumpkin costume, and my sketchy neighbor, I’ve never been keen on dressing up for Halloween, but I just ran into a treasure trove of awesome costume ideas. Never thought about it before, but if you have a posse you’re planning on hanging out with on Halloween, you have to look into getting a funny group Halloween costume set.

How can you go wrong with stuff like…

Austin Powers Group Costumes

Very excellent choice for a group with a good mix of boys and girls. Lots to choose from including Austin Powers in many different disguises, Dr. Evil, Foxy Cleopatra, Fembot, Fat Bastard, and Felicity Shagwell. Bring the joy to any party you hit up at the end of October.

The Addams Family Group Costumes

A very obvious choice because of the inherent creepiness of the characters, but you can’t go wrong getting a group together to be Gomez, vampire, Morticia, Uncle Fester, and Wednesday.

Angry Birds Group Costumes

Hey, Angry Birds is an equal opportunity addiction. Young or old, male or female, and any race can get addicted to the game, so why not celebrate the years you will accumulate shooting digital birds at digital pigs.

Elvis Group Costumes

Elvis was one man, how do you get a group out of that. Well, glad you asked, but have you ever been to an Elvis impersonator convention. There are times when there are multiple Elvises, so this idea for getting your crew all dressed up in Elvis costumes isn’t so outlandish. They even have girl Elvis apparel.

Family Guy Group Costumes

What more could you want from a Family Guy Costume lineup than Stewie, Brian Plush, Sassy Brian, and, of course, and Peter? Masks and costumes available.

Ghostbusters Group Costumes

Who ya gonna call? Classic movie. Classic song. Classic characters. What’s not to like about Ghostbusters and by extension, what’s not to like about getting your friends and family together to go out in Ghostbusters Group Costumes.

You’ll need something when you’re not in costume, which is why you’ll need to look at the best  funny Halloween T-shirts.

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joe October 3, 2011 at 1:03 am

This year I’m going as an iceberg. I’m wearing a white shirt and taping a photograph of Titanic to my chest. It’s a labor-intensive costume but people will accept my bumping into things when I get drunk.


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