Funny Dinosaur T Shirts Bring Fear and Laughter

by on December 10, 2010

It’s important to know what the best funny dinosaur t shirts are. It’s a way to preserve history, remember that Jesus walked the Earth with these big creatures, and dream that they were still around so we could ride them like pack mules. Talk about eco-friendly transportation.

T Rex Epic Duel T Shirt

This is a spectacular example of a funny dinosaur tee shirt. Their arms are so shirt, what else are they gonna do. I hope Kevin Willis doesn’t take offense.

Thesaurus Dinosaur T Shirt

I like the geek dinosaur. And the connection between Thesaurus and many of the common dinosaur names. Brilliant.

Carbivore T Shirt

Love the wordplay up in here. Especially with the prevalence of Atkins and Paleo diets. Not many carbohydrates to be found.

Nothing is Unpossible T Shirt

Another dinosaur in space tee…this time with a hot lady, American flag, rocket bike, and bad spelling.

T-Rex Stompin’ T Shirt

This is probably what it really looks like when humans are walking the same Earth as dinosaurs. Very scary. Can you feel it?

Raptor Bandit T Shirt

There’s also a lot of riding of the dinosaurs, including this one, where it looks like some Mexican bandito is crossing the desert. I like the coloring and look of this one a lot.

Never Forget Brontosaurus T Shirt

It really is important to never forget those fine beasts of the past. Never ever.

Why Are You Waving? Run! T Shirt

Nice little commentary on a relative size signs at your favorite stuffy, boring museum.

Tyrannosaurus Rex in Boots with the Fur T Shirt

Super silly. I really don’t think there were Uggs back in dinosaur days, unless you believe the Creation Museum, then their eras overlapped by 3 and a half years.

Ask Me About Dinosaurs T Shirt

Old man dinosaur with shades has got some stories to tell you. Are you ready to listen? Really ready?

Dinosaur Cannibalism T Shirt

Aside from Jesus, nothing goes better with dinosaurs than violence.

Someday Dinosaur Astronaut T shirt

Dude. Weird. Wouldn’t you dream of yourself floating in space in an astronaut suit, before you would dream of a dinosaur? Maybe if you love dinosaurs that much you would rather see them first before you. In that case, why don’t you marry the dinosaur.

Dinosaurs Were Big T Shirt

Back in the day there was nobody bigger than dinosaurs. Forget Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and Oprah…those dinosaurs really just ruled the airwaves. Nay…the land.

Bad Decision Dinosaur In Bad French (Mauvais dinosaur de decision) T Shirt

No dinosaur collection would be complete without some little dinosaur dude on a bicycle that’s made a bad decision and it says so in poorly translated French.

Jesus Vs. T Rex T Shirt

Yep…another Jesus-dinosaur combo, this time featuring Jesus giving T Rex a wicked flying kick to the head.

Triceratops On a Trike T Shirt

This is a cute one. Too bad Triceratops never existed, so this is total fantasy. No way it could have happened.

Real Life Would Be More Fun If We Rode Dinosaurs T Shirt

Truth be told. Although the mess would be incredible. You have to have a massive shit bag like on the horses in the parades, except 8 times as big.

Velociholmes T Shirt

Nothing like a mystery solving Sherlock Holmes dinosaur complete with pipe and that woolen hat.

Conservation Status T Shirt

Not specifically about dinosaurs. But, a dinosaur makes an appearance, which is all you need to call it a dinosaur shirt. And, that’s sort of paradoxical because it is extinct on the shirt.

Jesus Horse Triceratops T Shirt

Triceratops and Jesus are big in the dinosaur t shirt world. Here they are together. It’s like the colliding of atoms in a super conductor. Powerful stuff.

We’re on the Same Level Giraffe and Dinosaur T Shirt

So cute, it’s making me wince. But, that’s okay. I needed something for the touchy feelies that read this blog.

Know Your Dinosaurs T Shirt

You think this one is all cute and helpful because it has a list of dinosaurs and their names, then all of a sudden there’s one biting the neck of the other. Ouch.

Spongesaurus T Shirt

You remember those little capsules that turned into sponge dinosaurs when you droped them in water. Of course you do.

RAWR Means I Love You In Dinosaur T Shirt

Cute Internet meme sort of geek tendernous. Take what you can get bro.

Jurassic Park Nom Nom Nom Dinosaur T Shirt

Another Jurassic Park reference. You don’t say? I’m doing a list of dinosaur t shirts and Jurassic Park shows up a lot. Crazy!

Jurassic Park Bingo. Dino DNA T Shirt

Shout out to the best Dinosaur movie Spielberg ever did.

Rugrats Reptar on Ice T shirt

There’s a cartoon and this totally happened. Ice Capades-like performance meets chaos.

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