Fuck Text Swype T Shirt

by on February 8, 2011

Why does Busted Tees call this the text swype t shirt, when in reality it is the map out typing the word fuck t shirt. Busted Tees may pride themselves on being a somewhat family friendly online retailer, so that’s maybe why they don’t call this shirt by its true name. Of course, I have also seen fuck on other shirts and it wasn’t cleverly disguised, so I guess I’m sort of confused. Or maybe Text Swype means something and I should Google it to make sure I’m not being totally pop culturally dense. Well, everybody already knows I don’t know anything about any of these t shirts that I have made my life for every waking hour, but, still, I’m going to put in 13 seconds of research. Sit tight.

Apparently, it’s technology that lets you quickly “swype” a qwerty keyboard on your screen, going through the letters that spell your word. On the example site I looked at the example word was “quick,” which is pretty mundane. If you want people to get exited about time-saving technology give them “fuck” as the example. Am I right? Of course I am, which is why you want this Fuck Text Swype  T Shirt pronto.

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