Fuck Like Thunder T Shirt from Busted Tees

by on February 25, 2012

Help. What is this? I mean it stands alone as a beautiful t-shirt with the sexy sentiment and the fine artwork, but these days you have to ask, where is this from, because more likely than not this is a quote from a crazy Youtube video, or somebody unearthed a sweet bit of dialogue from a B movie in the late 70s. Or something.

However, I have not harvested any knowledge about this Fuck Like Thunder T Shirt in my diligent 2 minutes of Internet research. So I plead with you, my fine reader, to let me know if I’m missing some sort of pop culture reference here, or if Busted Tees got in a room and designed a very fine and true original.

Whatever the case, I’m 92% sure you love the design, and if you can talk yourself into wearing the word “fuck” on your chest, you’re gonna get it. Done deal.

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