Free For the Dead T Shirt from Skygraphx

by on August 13, 2012

Get This Shirt From Skygraphx

This is an Americanized sugar skull which looks cool. There are a lot of symbols in there that I’m not sure how to interpret, including the flag with the star, the diamond eyes, and the pyramid base with the all-seeing eye. “Freedom is never free” generally means that we have to fight wars to maintain our freedom, which hasn’t necessarily been the case for the last 70+ years, or maybe it has.

Not sure if a freemason designed this or perhaps it was the ghost of Peter Fonda’s character in Easy Rider. Whatever. I love sugar skulls, and this is an interesting take.

Go check out the rest of the stuff at Skygraphx. Judging from the rest of the collection, there’s more of a punk conspirasist, rebellion vibe, rather than the “we gotta fight wars to maintain democracy” type of vibe.

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