Freaks In the Funhouse T Shirt

by on December 16, 2008

freaks-in-the-fun-house-tshirtSo…there was this sunny day in May and all these freaks and geeks, who used to hang out together, ‘cuz they all looked whack in some way or other, like they were the main characters in the latest Palaniuk tome. Anyway, they all decided to go into the fun house, which sat on a dusty lot in the middle of the fair on the outskirts of town.

Long story short, they all found themselves lined up in front of the very mirror that made their one oddball feature look normal. Each had a skip of the heart, realized it was an illusion and then simultaneously started crying…hard. And, then they went to their respective homes and continued on with their miserable outcast lives.

OK, so the story wasn’t very uplifting, but what better way to feel better about yourself than wear this freaks in the funhouse tshirt?

Threadless appeals to all types.

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