Framed Black Cat Eating Licorice at Midnight T Shirt

by on March 11, 2011

The caption below the frame art piece on this black shirt says “A black cat eating licorice at midnight.” So, without the aid of a flame or light you really can’t see the cat or the licorice (guess we’re talking black licorice…maybe someone spilled a small pile of those addicting Panda licorice chunks on the porch, and the cat found them, and has a strange prediliction for anise seed or fennel or whatever the prominent flavor in black licorice is…I get those two mixed up…whatever the case it is not some crappy Twizzler or Red Vine, because you would see that on this shirt, and that’s not happening).

This Black Cat T Shirt is funny. Also, I like shirts with small writing on them, especially when the image captures the attention of the person you’re speaking to or even a passerby, and they have to hunch in close to read something on your shirt. That’s fleeting moment of intimacy that is always interesting. However, gotta choose your spots. Not sure you want those close encounters at the pawn shop for example.

Young Lovers Label designs the best black cat you’ll never see. Don’t you agree?

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