Former Arizona Beauty Queen Kumari Fulbright Goes to Jail for Being Ugly

by on December 11, 2010

Actually, I think Kumari Fulbright is going to jail because she had her ex-boyfriend kidnapped, beaten, and robbed by three thugs. Looks like she got ugly doing some ugly drugs like heroin or meth. I probably should have more sympathy for the plight of this pathetic human being, who was weak, got mixed up in drugs and evil men, but her mug shot makes me laugh every time I look at it. Arizona beauty queen. I’d hate to see their average looking women. Ha Ha Ha. Actually, I think Ms. Fulbright was kind of a dog when she was winning beauty contests and going to law school, so there isn’t that much of a stark contrast between the before and after.

I don’t like the ambiguity I’m feeling with this story. I think it is funny, but a man was beaten and a woman’s life is in shambles, so I sort of feel bad. I should stick with getting my laughs from funny t shirts. They’re not so complicated.

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