For Research Purposes Only T Shirt from Red Bubble

by on January 8, 2012

I like this For Research Purposes Only T Shirt because it’s totally random. What exactly are we talking about here? Who, when reading this shirt as they pass by, is going to have a clear concept of the context and meaning. I’m guessing nobody, and that’s the beauty. It’s a wonderfully random shirt designed by Mundy Hackett and available for puchase on Red Bubble that seems like it means something or has some sort of pop cultural significance.

Wait, let me search for 14 seconds and make sure this wasn’t a line in the hottest TV show of the last three months. Whoa, some heavy stuff pops up with that search. Steroids, human embryos, bioinformatics, medical devices, protein diagnostics.

Obviously, it’s sort of an academic term, so maybe if you’re walking around the university campus, you’ll get some nods, some high fives, and perhaps some casual sex while wearing this garment.

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