Firefly Serenity Blue Sun Corporation T Shirt from Busted Tees

by on March 7, 2012

Available in Men's or Women's Sizes

Is this like blue flame. It’s like the biggest blue flame you’ve ever seen. Some 350 pound dude with a scraggly beard and greasy hair decides to eat lard burritos ’til he’s over-full for two entire days straight. Then he gets a sweet Zippo lighter and gives his sister a flip cam, and, kaboom, epic blue flame…so epic he calls it Blue Sun. Maybe the corporation part comes later as he leverages the massive Youtube popularity into cold, hard, advertising dollar cash, which, smartly, he reinvests in a corporation trying to bottle a synthetic version of the explosive gas he produced out of his anus that fateful evening when he went all in.

To bad about the 1st degree burns on his sister’s face, but he’s set her up pretty good. Only 19. Her own house. A Porsche SUV with driver (she can’t see very good). Not bad for taking such a chance to shoot the biggest blue flame.

So that’s why you should get this Blue Sun Corporation T Shirt, because it doesn’t have anything to do with that sordid story above. Rather it is an offering from Busted Tees celebrating the fabulous show Firefly or is it from the related movie Serenity. I have no idea.

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