Fingers Are Overrated Explosions are Awesome T Shirt

by on August 16, 2010

I don’t agree with this shirt at all. My great uncle Wilson only has a nub for a thumb, and missing that opposable digit has been one of the most difficult things of his life. He HAS to have a mug with a handle when he’s drinking beer. No simple glass for him. Because with a nubbin’ you never know when you’re going to lose control of that thing. Scary and sad.

And that’s why I’m opposed to this Fingers Are Overrated Explosions are Awesome T-Shirt.

And, fireworks is how Wilson lost his thumb. Just having fun, sticking an M-80 down the throat of a goat. Goat butted him in the temple and clamped down on his thumb. My uncle was out and then blammo, his thumb got blown off. Goat died, but it totally deserved it. Didn’t even really hear much, because the sound was muffled. A complete fireworks tragedy.

Don’t do it. Busted Tees should know better than to promote explosions. It’s really bad business to give the thumbs up to danger for kids. Oops, sorry Wilson, no disrespect with the thumb comment.

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