Finders Keepers T Shirt

by on December 12, 2009

finders-keepers-teeManifest destiny keeps on rolling. We put our minds to it and got our men to the moon. We found. We keep. United States of America and Puerto Rico and the Moon. 48 contiguous states. Hawaii. Alaska. And the Moon.

Thomas Jefferson bamboozled the French for the Louisiana Purchase and Neil Armstrong hoodwinked the Costa Ricans for the Moon. Gotta be on your toes when you’re sitting around the table with the good ol’ US of A. As they say, if you can’t tell who the sucker in the negotiation room is, then it’s you. Hey France, remember that next time we buy land from you for pennies on the dollar.

You too, Costa Rica. Note: It’s a little known fact that Costa Rica owned the Moon until the US got there.

Anyways, commemorate one of America’s finest conquests with the Finders Keepers T-shirt.

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