Fight Club Tyler Durden President T Shirt

by on September 3, 2011

It’s probably been way too long since I’ve seen Fight Club, so I better put it in the Netflix queue and watch it again because it is a spectacular movie. Of course, it’s awesome, because Chuck Palahniuk’s book is one of the best of all time. No joke. Of course, I’m totally into Palahniuk. I’ve read all his twisted shit and love it.

And, I think my soul is better for it, but maybe accelerated the corrosion by 29%. I don’t know, but the books are too good to worry about it.

Wait, let’s talk about the Tyler Durden President T Shirt. I was having thoughts about blowing up buildings, and hanging bankers, and marching here and there because the thorough corruption of policians and the people of finance is astounding. But, then I slip into a little too much despair, because I think it’s too late. Then, a warm feeling of not giving a shit washes over me and I can continue on watching the best bloopers on Youtube.

But, I’m waiting for a Tyler Durden to step up and take advantage of the discontent amongst the thinking people of this country, and just tear all the shit down in a magnificent run for the Presidency.

Tee Fury does a shirt a day and you have very little time to pick this one up. It was just over two hours when I found the shirt, it’s less now.


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