Best Anchorman T Shirts


Wearing Anchorman t shirts puts you in a very select group of sophisticated, fun-loving, successful people that love to laugh. And, if that doesn’t get you invited to the dance on Saturday night, nothing will.

Here they are! The best anchorman t shirts ever to exist on this great green planet:

I’m Kind of a Big Deal T Shirt

Ah yes, the ubiquitous quote from Mr. Ron Burgundy on the iconic model from Snorg Tees no less. This is like two stars colliding. Shield your eyes. Say your prayers. This changes everything.

I Don’t Know How to Say This But I’m Kind of a Big Deal T Shirt

What? You didn’t get enough of that I’m Kind of a Big Deal stuff on the first round. Well I can’t blame you. Let’s try it again. Different strokes for different film comedy lovers.

I Love Lamp T shirt

Seriously classic line from that idiot Brick Tamland played a little too well by Steve Carell. Have we checked that IQ on that guy. Could be an issue.

Stay Classy T Shirt

Wait…how many frickin’ quotable lines are in Anchorman. Eleventy billion. This is right up there.

60% of the Time It Works Every Time Sex Panther Cologne T Shirt

This sounds like some advertising nonsense that your gramma would swallow up whole. Then, she’d drive to the mall, peaking over the steering wheel, to get some for gramps or her casual part time lover.

St. Dorothy Mantooth T Shirt

Hey, if you get saved by a bear that’s what you say about the mother of your savior even if he’s been your mortal enemy for as long as you can remember. There’s nothing uglier than anchorman oneupsmanship.

Ron Burgundy Suit T Shirt

Hey, if you want to look like a classy big deal (see what I did there) yet still want to be comfortable, you’ll want to go with this baby.

Channel 4 News Team Assemble T Shirt

Time to gather the troops and fight to the death for San Diego airwaves bragging rights. Nothing is more important in this moment.

Stay Classy San Diego T Shirt

If the line is strong, you say it over and over. Repetition makes it more potent. It doesn’t run out of energy.

San Diego Means Whale Vagina T Shirt

Spanish is an easy language to translate incorrectly, so the head translators took the liberty with an already murky process to say something about a saint rather than get into the whale business. Smart move.

I Love Lamp Brick Tamland T Shirt

Hey, let’s try this one again but with the face this time. Good line. Definitely worth some different styles. Take your time with this one. It’s a big decision.

I Will Take Your Mom Out for a Nice Seafood Dinner and Never Call Her Again T Shirt

Dude…have you ever heard such an insult. Champ Kind lays it down thick and hard. Poor mothers everywhere.

I’m Very Important. I have many leather bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany T Shirt

False modesty is complete bullshit. You know it and I know it. If you have it share it with the world. Let ’em know. Let your star shine BRIGHT!

Diversity: An old, old wooden ship that was used during the Civil War era T Shirt

My favorite part in the movie is when they’re walking in the park and they throw trash on the ground without a care. Beautiful. This is the same theme. It’s amazing how far we have come.

It’s so damn hot. Milk was a bad choice T Shirt

Cheese curds are delicious, but not if you’re making them in your gut. Bad choice for sure.

Ron Burgundy is the Balls T shirt

Wear clothing that speaks your truth. That’s all I’m saying. If you believe in your heart that Burgundy is the balls then wear it loud and proud.

Ron Burgundy His News is Bigger than Your News T Shirt

I’m not sure what I think about this one. It’s a little too suggestive for my tastes.

Katow-Jo Is My Cousin T Shirt

Let’s keep it clean in here. And stop with the foreigner language. You love animals, I love animals, but you know…be careful. Bears and dogs should never intermingle their love juices.

Anchorman – The Legend of Ron Burgundy Logo T Shirt

Much respect to the person that cuts straight to the chase and wears the logo. No stronger statement than that. No namby pamby. Straight to your mind.

My Man Wears Sex Panther Cologne T Shirt

Slightly different angle on the Sex Panther Cologne business. Big time bonus points for men that wear this shirt.

It’s Time to Musk Up T Shirt

When Paul Rudd is in a movie, I think to myself…hey, that’s Paul Rudd…he’s funny and he seems nice. Brian Fantana who? Mustache what?

I Would Like to Extend to You an Invitation to the Pants Party T shirt

Brick dropping another garbled doozy. Do you love him? I love him. In fact, I might take him up on that invitation.

I Don’t Know What We’re Yelling About Brick Tamland T Shirt

Brick again. How does he do it? He’s so innocent. He’s so stupid.

By the Beard of Zeus Ron Burgundy T Shirt

Who says you always have to say Jesus Christ when you’re taking the lord’s name in vain. Forget God dammit for a minute. Dust off a little Zeus cursing.

Channel 4 KVWN San Diego T Shirt

Wear the call letters. Some people won’t get it. Some people will think you’re a tv news watching dweeb, but you’ll know way better. Way better.

Whammy! Champ Kind T Shirt

Champ Kind is such a great name for a solid looking dude that wears a cowboy hat. Dave Koechner kills it.

Channel 4 News Team T Shirt

There’s the team that made all of this happen. If it wasn’t for them you wouldn’t be reading this. You wouldn’t have been entertained. This is also the poster on your chest, which is a unique feeling.

Whammy T Shirt

If you don’t want Champ Kind’s mug on your shirt, you can still get the whammy without his handsome mug stealing your thunder. Might be the best of both worlds if you’re slightly timid.

Where did you get those clothes at the Toilet Store T Shirt

Brick tearing people new ones with his off kilter verbal spares. Keepin’ ’em off balance and waiting for the final blow.

Jazz Flute is for little fairy Boys Veronica Corningstone T Shirt

Kind of a harsh sentiment to wear on a shirt out in public. What if Herbie Mann catches wind of this thing. Dude might not take it well. How do you tell that guy it’s just a joke?

That Squirrel Can Water Ski T Shirt

Was this in the movie? Nah, this wasn’t in the movie. Was it? Just throwing in a cute little squirrel to shake things up. Now, back to the business at hand.

You Stay Classy Planet Earth T Shirt

Mixin’ it up with a little broader stay classy message from Ron. You expect nothing less from The Anchorman.

Wes Mantooth – Channel 9 KQHS San Diego T Shirt

Vince Vaughn really was an anchorman in Chicago before his acting career blew up in Swingers. True fact.

If Ron Burgundy Says It It’s the Truth T Shirt

When you’re a man of impeccable character word is bond…yo. Truth is, truth was, truth shall be. Same can be said for all Fox News anchors.