Fart Sandwich T shirt

by on April 1, 2010

This is a nice practical joke for April Fools. Very nice. Someone asks you for a sandwich (if your life is like mine there’s an 89% chance that someone will ask me for a sandwich on a daily basis). You act all sweet and helpful and say “sure I’ll whip you up a sandwich and promptly head to the kitchen. At this point I have to warn you, you need a fart chambered. Maybe eat too many roasted and salted cashews or eat maybe one more Viva burrito than you really should. Then, go grab to pieces of bread, put them on a plate and bring it to your sandwich craver.

This is a funny April Fool’s prank in and of itself. What’s this? A sandwich. But, there’s nothing between the bread. Ha Ha. April Fool’s. Person is shaking their head. Nice joke, but sort of trite. Here’s how you take it to the next level. Pick up the slices of bread off the plate, hold them to your ass, then fart on them. Tell your VICTIM, now it’s a fart sandwich, so eat it bitch. And, start shoving the bread in your “customer’s” face. If there’s a little choking. A bloody lip. Maybe a little clawing at the general vicinity of your eyes, that’s cool because it’s April Fools Day and this is a perfectly acceptable prank.

Do it! Oh, and go ahead and get the Fart Sandwich tshirt to commemorate your masterful hijinx. Give it to your VICTIM as a souvenir to remember how you fuckin’ killed ’em with the fart sandwich gag.

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