Fantasy Football Injury T shirt

by on November 21, 2008

You know, people don’t talk about this enough. People are really getting hurt out there with this. This is a very intense sport and people do get hurt. I think Obama should probably step in on January 20 and make this one of his top priorities, suggesting some sort of legislation, mandate or law that protects the innocent fantasy football newbies that don’t know what they’re getting into and the older players that maybe are just naturally breaking down from over use.

I think it’s also important to talk about it. And you are certainly free to share YOUR STORY in the comment section of this post. I can be there for you on that one. Please use this chance to let it out, vent, explain, warn the children about the dangers.

And, of course, get the tshirt: Fantasy Football Injury.

If you are one of the sufferers, Mona wants to know how she can help.

Everything you wanted to know about Busted Tees but were afraid to ask.

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