Fancy Cheese T Shirt

by on March 28, 2012

Fancy mouse more like it, but the plating of the cheese is pretty impressive with the grapes and the silver platter and the butler. That’s pretty good stuff. But, that mouse with the top hat, monocle, bow tie, cane, and wing tips is just dapper as can be, and I’m sure he will appreciate the fine funk of a smelly, expensive cheese. Good for him.

I’m proud that after his parents died in that awful glue trap mishap that he pulled himself up by his garters and made something of himself. He totally deserves a leisure dining experience after all of the adversity he has overcome. Plus, to go about with confidence even though you suffer from incontinence is pretty admirable.

Headline Shirts likes rodents and dairy foods, which is why you should consider picking up this Fancy Cheese T Shirt.

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