Tokyo to New York City T Shirt from Fakejoy

by on January 28, 2012

I really like Fakejoy’s tagline. Fabricate your happiness. In fact, I like their company name too. And you know what else: I like their shirts. How about all them apples. Anyway, you came here to get the scoop on the featured shirt from Fakejoy,  which is Tokyo to New York City (NYC). Both cities have been attacked by giant monsters, Godzilla and King Kong respectively, and both are great cosmopolitan metropolises teeming with life, activity, and vitality.

So, why not call a shirt Tokyo to New York City and try to create a lasting bond across the oceans. Yes, US and Japan fought in a war once but that’s behind us, and now we should join together and enjoy the fact that blue monsters that scale skyscrapers don’t really exist, because if they did that would be really freaky and scary and I’d probably move to a rural area this evening if news broke of a building climb.

It’s cute design…it’s got one of those one world love, peace and happiness vibes, but it doesn’t beat you over the head with it. What more could you want from a nice artsy shirt shop and a design by Isaac Zamora i Sitjà, who is a Spaniard living in Japan.

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