Facebook SNL Lonely Island Like a Boss T Shirt from Snorg Tees

by on February 6, 2012

You have the ubiquitous Facebook “like” thumb. And you have the Lonely Island video Like a Boss that has 81.7 million views. And you mash those up and what do you get. This Like a Boss T shirt from Snorg Tees. And, it’s a dandy.

That video is ridiculously funny. He starts out just doing everyday boss things with lots of corporate jargon, then gets progressively worse, eventually doing sordid things with his own genitals and dying in the sun.

I think that video is actually based on the true story of Facebook’s head dude, Mark Zuckerberg, but no one will tell you that but me, because I’m the only guy out here with the guts to spill the truth. It’s an especially hard-hitting story because Facebook’s IPO is coming up and Zuckerberg is supposed to make like 890 kazillion dollars off it.

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