Facebook Big Butts Sir Mix-a-Lot Likes This Tshirt

by on March 10, 2011

God damn this is a good song. It doesn’t beat around the bush. It doesn’t play coy. Sir Mix-A-Lot can not lie. He likes big butts. Baby Got Back. “I like ’em round and big.”

“I’m long and strong and wanna get my friction on.”

This is really an affirming song for those girls out there that don’t quite look like the pencil thin models that are everywhere in the media. Mix-a-Lot is saying, “hey, that’s fine and dandy but there’s a whole lot of brothers looking for something else, so keep eating and keep loving what you got.

It’s always nice when you take old school songs and put them in modern day social networking context. It’s more than nice…it’s awesome, and that’s why this Facebook Big Butts Sir Mix-A-Lot Likes This T Shirt is so spectacular.

Deez Teez got it right with this one. Sho’ enough.

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