F-Bomb Joe Biden T Shirt

by on September 12, 2010

Let me introduce you to Tshirt Laundry with this very fine example of a funny political t shirt. Biden will live in infamy because of his not so smooth f bomb in Obama’s ear that was picked by microphones that we’re recording for national news organizations.

Really, he probably wouldn’t live in infamy, because our culture is so ravenous for the next news bite that they forget the last unforgettable, unforgivable moment. In fact, last week I was talking to some one about a presidential blow job and the dude I was talking to, who considers himself a well-informed, politically active individual, didn’t even know what I was talking about. He forgot, because there’s been 95 new gasp-worthy political happenings that have been reported to death, since Clinton’s dalliance with Lewinsky.

Anyway, this F Bomb Joe Biden Blunder Tee goes through a truncated history of bomb making:

~Robert Oppenheimer – Inventor of the A-Bomb
~Edward Teller – Inventor of the H-Bomb
~Joe Biden – Inventor of dropping the F-Bomb during a LIVE Presidential Press Conference

In other words, a nuclear bomb. Actually, I didn’t even notice what the conservative reaction was. Did that destroy him. I can’t even remember. I know that from the liberals, he just got an eye roll and the Joe being Joe treatment.

Anyway, I enjoyed the symmetry and crisp lines, and you can rarely go wrong when talking about an F-bomb.

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