Exploding Dog Escape T Shirt

by on February 26, 2011

Have I mentioned how much I enjoy Exploding Dog’s work. That low design is on par with lo fi and I’m all over that. Distills it down to the essentials to the point where the design is so focused that the message lasers straight to your heart. And, this Escape T shirt is no different. Look how happy our protagonist is. He strapped this rocket to his back, which is, by no means, a sure thing. Many things can go wrong when you strap a rocket to your back and light the fuse. You could singe the hairs in your ass crack. Blow your legs off. But, this guy did it, because things were that bad, and it seems to be working out. He’s enjoying the view. The stars. Good for him. His ballsy move and adventuresome spirit has literally taken him far. It paid off.

Topatoco does not recommend this course of action for everybody. Perhaps wearing this shirt will be enough to take you away from your troubles.

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