Evil Smores T Shirt

by on June 27, 2008

Smores TshirtDoesn’t really make a lick of sense but the art is so hilarious this is definitely my favorite funny t shirt right now. Look at that loveable and a little slow graham cracker. You can tell he’s kind of just following along doing whatever chocolate bar tells him. Now, choco is pretty sophisticated with that pencil mustache and perfect teeth. And poor old marshy. He’s running for his soft, spongy life.

For added pleasure, check out marshies limbs, fully extended as he’s going full out and what about the total randomness of the fire sticks. What are those? Torches? Matches? Why are Graham and Mr. Bar carrying them. What’s in it for them. They’re getting eaten just the same as marshmallow. I guess the whole smore business is less grueling on them, since they don’t have to be held to the flame.

A great shirt requires a great wearer. Be the greatness. Do it for marshmallow. Wear Evil Smores Tshirt.

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