Eraser Tees – My Mom Said Be Home By ___:___

by on March 14, 2010

I like this interactive,  do the punchline yourself tshirts company: Eraser Tees. Lot’s of opportunity for hilarity, conversation starting and people writing on your shirt without repercussions.

I think with this one, you keep changing it to an hour earlier than it currently is, while you’re out on the town, because then you totally look like a rebel. Bonus points if you’re over 30, because then you create a tension: this guy should not be living with his mother…he’s too old. But, at least he’s defying her curfew and partying the night away here at this happenin’ bar. Hmmm…not sure what to think about this guy is he a cool rebel, a loser that lives in his Mom’s basement or both.

Totally mind blowing internal dialogue if you think about it. And, that’s just one person’s thought process. You wear this thing and follow my meticulous plan and you’re blowing the cerebral cortex’s of a large swath of the town’s night-lifers. Now that’s a shirt!

Go get it and many others, including Be Nice to Me, I Got a Vasectomy Today and Friends Don’t Let Friends Listen to shitty music like Lady Gaga, I Heart personal injury lawyers, To Do List: get rid of the evidence, wash the walls, write police-mocking letter to the editor in The Times.

The one I’m not really too sure about is the dart board tee. WTF — I don’t want a bunch of drunk assholes getting the wrong idea. What if there are real dart boards in the place and Mr. Fifteen Jello Shots gets confused?

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