Erase Me Photoshop Tshirt

by on August 9, 2010

Doesn’t get much more geeky than this. If you’re a Photoshop design nerd or a cheesy romantic this is your shirt. No joke. You need this. Erase me, as in meld with me, become one with me, we will lose our individual identities and become a new love ball entity. So sweet. So naive. This never happens, or it does it only lasts 6 months. Then, you call it a relationship and that relationship is like punching the clock at the cubicle. It’s a job. The bliss never lasts. That’s what’s wrong with the world.

Damn. I’m depressing myself. Let’s get back to the funny. Your Erase me Photoshop Tshirt is erasing itself. Forget about washing in cold and tumble dry on low heat. You’re just wearing the thing on your body and it’s fading and disintegrating. It’s the new color fade, faded, distressed concept. The shirt eats itself, like a human body does as you starve to death. Okay, that’s much more cheerful. Show of hands, who loves Photoshop? Who loves love? Who loves funny Tshirts?

Also, you would enter the vortex or an infinite loop if you were wearing this shirt while watching a video learning how to re-create the design in Photoshop. Totally deep dude.

Who loves Busted Tees?

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