Employee of the Month T Shirt

by on June 28, 2008

Employee of the Month TshirtI’m getting five of these gems and wearing them to work everyday. It’s my new uniform. Just think of all the fun times this funny shirt generates.

Jealousy: How does he rate as employee of the month? He never does anything and never speaks at meetings.

Humor: For the three people that would know right off that this is hijinx and think that the irony of me wearing Employee of the Month tshirts is super rich and creamy.

Confusion: My boss and the HR person, who’s job it is to come up with recognition-type stuff would be totally baffled. Who gave you that? I didn’t approve of this award. Priceless good times and you too can have them for the very low cost of an Employee of the Month t shirt.

Bonus Tip: Add this tshirt to a potent lineup that already includes a “Sorry I’m Late Tshirt” and you become an instant office celeb, guaranteed.

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