Emergency Broadcast System T Shirt

by on March 30, 2011

What you really need is a tshirt with the colors of the emergency broadcast system on painted on a nice soft, comfortable t shirt. Seriously. Beyond shelter, food, water, 78% fair trade chocolate bars, and inalienable rights as a human, there is clothing, and this Emergency Broadcast System T Shirt qualifies as a basic necessity. It’s random. It’s colorful. And, people may recognize it because they’ve been up watching TV late at night and seen “this is a test…only a test.”

Of course, this tee from Headline Shirts, is kind of weird in that it doesn’t say Emergency Broadcast System on the front, so maybe people will have no idea what it is, but that’s okay, because this is a pretty artistic rendering of the EBS, so it stands on its own as a nice design. And, let me tell you, every shirt you wear needs to be defensible before the general public or you’re going to get it. You better be able to explain what you’re wearing to any random stranger or you are not doing your duty as a conscious t shirt wearer.

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