Emancipation Schematication Tshirt

by on April 9, 2010

Now, this is how you break a man down to his constituent parts. A man with very distinct facial and head features that is. Good old Abe Lincoln worked the Emancipation Proclamation ending that shitty slavery thing, so it’s only right for later generations to break down what made the man tick; see where he gathered the strength to oppose a pretty sweet labor system for the South; and to stick his neck out for people that didn’t really have a voice.

Well, of course, it comes down to what was going on above the shoulders. And 8% heart. But, President Lincoln, above the shoulders, was a marvel, with the stove pipe hat, the brain, the mole, the big ears, the moustacheless beard, and the bowtie. You can’t top the style or this combination, which is why, we’re still talking about him 145 years after his death.

Well, that and all those rap songs talking about gathering, collecting and spending all of those Lincolns, which are $5 bills for the uninitiated.

Get Emancipation Schematication t-shirt right now, because it’s cool looking and the message is perfect pitch. Yay, Abe!

Of course you want to see an image of the OD (original document).

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