Elvis Meets Vader T Shirt

by on December 6, 2010

Wow. This is a power meeting between two guys at the top of their game. One living large as the Supreme Commander of the Galactic Empire and one capturing the hearts of every girl in the US and abroad with his hip shake and sexy voice. No one knew at the time that both were headed for spectacular falls from grace and untimely deaths. But, players gotta play no matter what the consequences. And that’s the truth.

If you want to wear truth on your chest, which incidently is the best way to let it seep into your heart and the core of your being, then you need to pick up the Elvis Meets Vader T Shirt.

Along with the truth interpretation, Headline Shirts has cooked up some cockamamie story about this actually being a picture of Elvis with President Nixon. Thus, when you replace Tricky Dick with Vader, you have made a political statement about that lying, cheat Nixon. Whatever.

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