Elephants Never Forget and They Never Forgive Tshirt

by on August 9, 2010

This is the point where they’ve taken it too far. We can live in a world where the world’s largest land roaming mammal doesn’t forget shit. That’s cool. Photographic memory in that big elephant beast is fine. Yay, they remember that baobab tree from last time they were in the neighborhood. But, now this information about not forgiving. That ain’t good. I mean, who knows what sticks in their craw and what they seek revenge for: false imprisonment.

Maybe they have a vendetta against the entire human race for putting them in zoos, left to swing their trunks in complete boredom for decades as snotty kids and fat parents oogle and gawk. Or maybe they’re not even impressed, just complaining about the smell. Now, we learn elephants never forget. Maybe they’re plotting globally for revenge, maybe it’s only a matter of time. Man, I wish I didn’t see this elephants never forget and they never forgive t-shirt.

My level of life enjoyment dropped a notch or two, and my feeling of personal safety and security out the window. Thanks Snorg Tees!

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