Elephant I’d Never Forget Your Birthday T Shirt

by on July 16, 2012

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This elephant is totally bummed because he got the cake and the party favors all ready for his own birthday, and all he needed was you, but you failed to show up, because you forgot. Elephants are supposed to have great memories, so, of course, this poor elephant would never forget your birthday.

Two questions:

After about 10 minutes of sitting there wouldn’t the elephant text you to see if you were coming? Or maybe he did and you were in the middle of a day trip and simply could not make it.

Who the hell decided elephants never forget? Sounds like some corny man encounters an elephant and gives it a bucket of water when it was dying of thirst. 20 years later the two run into each other. The man has just been trampled by a water buffalo and is unconscious but the elephant remembers him, picks him up, and walks him to the nearest village to get the medical attention he needs. While the man recuperates the elephant is scene peaking in the window, and when the man finally recovers the elephant catches his eye and winks and gives him the equivalent of a bro point of recognition with his trunk. The man reciprocates.

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