Electric Dream Machine Tshirt

by on September 22, 2008

That’s Cameo during his Word Up phase. He wears an athletic supporter and cup outside his pure eighties outfit and it is magnificent. Wearing this super gold shirt pays appropriate homage to one crazy, soulful cat and his ultra-awesome classic Word Up.

So, “wave your hands in the air, like you don’t care, glide by the people as they stop to look at stare. Do Your Dance. Do your Dance. Quick Mama. Tell me what’s the word. Word Up! Everybody say WORD UP.”

Electric Dream Machine indeed.

Oh wait, this is some ironic performance in the TV show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadephia. A synthesized tenacious D with a singer that wears a large rodent on his head. Never mind.

Get this Electric Dream Machine tshirt because it’s gold and reminds me of Cameo.

I gotta testify Busted Tees is something to sees.

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