Einstein Human Centipede T Shirt from Tshirt Bordello

by on January 18, 2012

Little known fact that Albert Einstein liked to mess around with biology when not devising theories and hypotheses about energy, physics, and pottery. He’s the one that drew up the human centipede that was long forgotten for being too weird, but picked up as a film script in the modern day, because today people are perverted, sick and twisted and want to watch cinema about evil doctors binding the gastrointestinal systems of three people like a centipede.

Which is exactly why, as a child of the modern age, you will want to pick up this Einstein Human Centipede T Shirt. Take gruesome to a  funny and nerdy place.

Anyways, you’ll probably want to watch the trailer of the movie:

Then, to cleanse your mind, especially if you’re not a huge horror fan, then you’ll need to watch the South Park interpretation, because it’s hilarious:

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