Ed Douchebag T Shirt

by on January 5, 2011

So, this dude graduates from art school in San Francisco then gets interested in tattooing. So, he goes to Japan and learns the craft from some world-renowned tattoo artist. Then he comes back to the U.S. And plys his craft, and he’s popular and it expands into books, and then a clothing line…and that line is the Ed Hardy clothing line. Sounds like pretty real deal credibility, except that I think from the point of tattoo artist to clothier, Ed sold out. His shit just ain’t that interesting. Do you think so?

What this mockery of Ed Hardy does is bring to light that the reality TV, Jersey Shore types where this garbage because it his a bit of a hip credibility. And, thence, the Ed Douchebag T Shirt was worn. I like the almost cartoonish unicorn and pierced hearts, and skull, and a panther mumbling meow, and, of course, the Mama’s Boy. Nice sort of satire by Deez Teez here. I approve, even though I actually am a Trendy Asshole.

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