Easy Steps: How to Break Dance Shirt

by on January 3, 2010

If you’re going to teach a skill you really should know your subject intimately, and it’s obvious the creator of this shirt knew the fine art of break dancing. The intricate steps before launching into the ground work is precise. And, then, the meticulous spinning and jiving happening in step three. Only a pro could produce this type of meticulous work. I’m very impressed.

If you’re a break dancing enthusiast or even just a fan of quality instruction tshirting then you should probably whip out your wallet out of your parachute pants, grab your crotch and lay down the cash for Easy Steps: How to Break Dance Tshirt.

Threadless is the bomb. And in this context “the bomb” is a good thing even though the U.S. Is embroiled in a six and half year-long war in Iraq.

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